Central Bedfordshire Interactive Map

Project: Central Bedfordshire (CB) Interactive Map.

Description: CB mapping illustrating the areas future development and infrastructure projects.

Client: Central Bedfordshire Council

Challenges: To demonstrate its unique location, geography and development activity.

What we did: Illustrated the areas mapping at four levels of zoom as a base layer. The map showcases thirty future development projects shared across six layers. This map has the ability to drill down into the site to obtain more detailed information. As projects are progressed the site details are also updated.

Testimonial:Central Bedfordshire Council had a requirement for an innovative visually lead, intuitive interactive map and digital media to effectively demonstrate the range of exciting new development opportunities in the area. The interactive map and film produced by Urban Graphics for the new www.becentralbedfordshire.co.uk investment website, has enhanced our customers experience and generated much favourable feedback from users. We have worked closely with all of the team on the project and were very pleased with the high quality of the final products, which will assist us in promoting the opportunities and growing the awareness and profile of Central Bedfordshire’s key developments, as part of our efforts to attract new investment to the area.”

Jason Longhurst
Director of Regeneration and Business

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