Konza Technology City

Project: Konza Technology City

Description: The Government of Kenya has initiated the development of a Technology City 60km outside of Nairobi, Kenya, to capitalise on a growing regional and global ICT market. Our objective was to communicate the vision of this exciting 2,000 hectare Technology City to potential investors and stakeholders. Their interest and support is vital to kick-start the Cities development and making it happen.

Client: Pell Frischmann; International Finance Corporation and Kenya ICT board.

Challenges: To create a brand and visual identity for the array of marketing collateral, whilst collaborating and managing international clients.

What we did: Urban Graphics produced an all-encompassing marketing suite that demonstrated the aspirations for the project and the benefits it would bring not only to Kenya but East Africa as a whole. Services included:

  • Promotional film
  • Masterplanning document DTP
  • Masterplanning design
  • Cartography
  • On location filming & photography
  • 3D Computer generated images and fly-bys

To view the Konza Technology City website, click here www.konzacity.co.ke

For the promotional film, click here http://www.urban-graphics.co.uk/services-we-offer/film-motion/

Testimonial: “UG displayed creative power, determination for excellence and flexibility under pressure in delivery of an imaginative promotional suite for Konza Technology City Masterplan. Their work encompassed 3D visualisations, a video film, a brochure, production of a website and collaborative support to associated team companies.”

Carl Powell
Director of Public Sector Consulting
Pell Frischmann

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