Woodberry Down Regeneration

xerox http://www.bakersinsurancegroup.com/12022-allopurinol-cost.html Project: Woodberry Down Regeneration

https://adkbrothersltd.com/50848-adapalene-gel-price.html Description: Woodberry Down Regeneration is one of Europe’s largest regeneration projects and has been recognised by Government as a national demonstration project on how mixed sustainable communities can be achieved.

revamp http://www.nebraskaweddingdetails.com/60673-maxalt-price.html Client: London Borough of Hackney

http://theincompletelife.com/85323-sporanox-price.html Challenge: The challenges on this large scale project were about getting it recognised and promoting the standards it set for regeneration.

reserve http://www.memricaprompt.com/68077-rosuvastatin-generic-price.html What we did: Urban Graphics won the national tender to provide graphics and community consultation support for 3 years. We created the visual identity, ensuring it would be instantly recognised, welcomed and associated with bringing benefit to the diverse communities that it was to serve. This was then the basis for all ongoing visual and interactive collateral. Our entire range of services was used to deliver this comprehensive communication consultation strategy. Deliverables included:

  • Promotional film
  • Interactive cd-rom
  • Interactive schedule of community involvement
  • 3D computer generated images
  • Exhibition and event collateral
  • Resident newsletters
  • Interactive touch screen presentations
  • Brochures and leaflets

Please click on link to view the film: Woodberry Down

website here Testimonial: “Urban Graphics have provided a very professional, responsive and flexible service. They have produced innovative and high quality designs that have promoted the project which is now becoming internationally recognised.”

Amanda Murrell
Former Communication & Consultation Manager

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