Film & motion

Film is a powerful and persuasive method for communicating or transferring knowledge to an audience. It has become the most useful resource on-line and accepted way of sharing information across the World Wide Web.

The sales, marketing, or promotional message can be honed and delivered consistently to the target audience. Film appeals to more than one of our senses and allows us to engage and some in some cases interact with the content. It allows us to condense the salient points and deliver the vital message within a short time-frame, therefore keeping the viewers interested. If done well, promotional videos and films bring with them a sense of authenticity, credibility and gravitas.

This medium allows us to package mixed media into one, therefore encourages the use of drawings, stills, photography as well as film footage. Telling the story, explaining the vision, and illustrating details can be achieved all within the one medium. Technology allows us to upload and view short films in a number of ways such as; on-line; mobile phones; VCD; DVD; wide screen presentation etc.

Urban Graphics use this medium for instant communication, to express prominent points through sound, sight and atmosphere. Encapsulating the overview and overarching principles for a project or organisation quickly and concisely.

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